Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Autumn Is not Your Autumn

Frost is predicted for near Atlanta on Saturday morning. We will have a cool morning in the forties, no frost.

 Euonymous berries are bursting their pods

Dogwood berries are red. If you wanted more dogwood trees, now would be the time to gather and plant seeds. No trick to dogwoods, just poke the berries into the ground with a finger. By the time you've forgotten about planting them, little sprouts appear, say a year or two. There's a method for stratifying and all that if you are serious about doing it 'right.'

Red leaves are there if you look hard. These are Oakleaf Hydrangea. Streaks of red are showing up in Sassafras trees and Sumac along woods' edge.

I stopped deadheading roses so they can get ready for winter. 

Red Cabbages from seed are now in the Periwinkle bed. 
Periwinkles are still sprouting but frost will take them out.

A glimpse of the peanut picker ready to start.

Esperanza blooms and seeds,
Tithonia and a bee.

Crape Myrtle, Esperanza and Loropetalum in a blaze of color.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Put a Bag over Her Head

I took Janie Varley's advice and put a bag over ripening seed pods of Pride of Barbados.

I was in the nearby cabbage patch when I heard the exposive release of seeds inside the bag. I'm sure this was repeated several times. When I finally opened the bag I had more than two dozen seeds that would have otherwise been lost.

I've been stopping by to pull seeds of white Periwinkle.
You can tell they're ready when you can see black seeds 
through translucent pods just before they open and spill.

Lately I've felt that if I had a slightly larger bag I would pull it over my own head until this cold or whatever it is we have departs.

I creep out and make sure the cabbages and broccoli don't dry out and that they're not eaten alive by something. I've tried to keep up with greenhouse needs like keeping things watered, like my tomato plant.

Can you see little tomatoes to the left of the Amaryllis?

This morning I mustered enough energy to pull out yellowing pots of calla lilies so they can rest for a couple of months. Would that I could just rest for a couple of months; Thanksgiving and Christmas would be behind us and this cough might be gone.

Wait! There's too much work to be done to sleep so long. It's just as well that I never ordered bulbs; there are still baskets with Sweetness jonquillas dug in the summer and paperwhite narcissus from Farmer John to plant. Beds must be prepared for seeds that go in the ground in November: California Poppies, Larkspur, Catchfly, Corn Poppies, Opium Poppies.

When I creep out, I pull a weed here and there and sometimes note that I almost missed something really spectacular like scarlet Zinnias.

I'm grateful to only have to whine about a cold; our son's MIL is scheduled for a cardiac cath today following a heart attack last week. Keeping vigil for a good outcome.

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