Monday, July 21, 2014

Micromanaging the Macro Garden

I'm out there every day, sometimes in the rain, looking and planning.

One Lantana montevidensis died during the winter. At one time all the Lantanas were lavender. I added a white a year or two ago. Cuttings are easy from Lantana. I filled the void where a lavender plant died with a white cutting.

Purple Heart and Lantana have commenced to twine around one another. I like the look.

As Black Eyed Susans die back and are pulled, more Madagascar Periwinkles take their place. I used to manipulate them and pull either the pink or the purple according to the whim of the season. Now I just let them grow. Next year I may try to introduce some white Periwinkles to the mix.

Notice there are some blank spaces in the mulch? They were filled this afternoon with white Lantana.

There are still some Lantana cuttings and a trio of Chartreuse Alternanthera. On the end are two Duranta cuttings that are intended for winter bloom in the greenhouse. Duranta outside is very slow this year. They've finally started.

And oh, there's some red Alternanthera and some bits of herb seedlings and cuttings.

While we're in the midst of Dog Day rains, I need to get some projects finished in the house. I managed to finish pads for the folding chaises and made a pillow cover from an Hawaiian shirt with yellow Hibiscus that hung in the closet for too long.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

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