Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bidens and Blue Curls

Spanish Needles

Bidens, the common weed Spanish Needles, is one of the most important pollinator nectar source plants in our area. It is a host plant for certain butterflies.
Spanish Needles is also a source of  an annoying seed that has a sharp end and little burrs on the other end that are also sharp. The starry seed clusters hold many of these needle-like seeds. Caught in dog fur, they are among the hardest seeds to remove. They also cling to clothing as you walk by. A source of seed for songbirds, they are best left to wild places.

Blue Curls

Blue Curls is best viewed early in the morning when the blooms are wide open. Its foliage looks pretty backlit by the sun but is thin and unremarkable.

Blue Curls, Trichostema dichotomum  is an annual wildflower with a long season of bloom. The wild area pictured is also where I frequently see Twinflower, Dyschoriste oblongifolia in early spring.

Blue Curls

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