Monday, September 1, 2014

Snakes Are Crawling, Get Informed

If I'd let a fear of reptiles rule me, I would not have gone outside for the past 20 years. Instead, I bought an Audubon Society Guide, went through and marked all snakes that crawl here and developed a healthier fear.

This little fellow is only about 12" long which means he is newly hatched. Later on, he will be redder. A type of rat snake, we call them Corn Snakes.

He was under a damp chair cushion in a metal chair outside. When I uncovered him, he really didn't know how to escape because he couldn't find the upright part of the chair that he probably climbed.

Lane came and helped to the ground with a stick. He found a likely place to hide.

His journey up this pole cut gave me an opportunity to get 
great photos up close. 

Imagine what a climb up a 2' pole for a teeny snake.

 Like Goldilocks, he tried different hiding places: 'This place is too open.'

He disappeared into the depths of ancient wood. 

I thought I posted about the Cornsnake that cozied up next to an old soaker hose in a flower bed last fall. I guess not, since I haven't found it. 

Give me a non-venomous snake over a rat any day. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of Month Views, August

August is a long month. We went from ample rainfall to drought. Judicious watering has saved most everything. I've mostly stayed inside except when I venture out to water, pick Pears and eat Scuppernongs.

Butterflies continuously visit the Tithonia bed. Gulf Muhly grass at bottom left will bloom in the next month. Crape Myrtles are faithful bloomers, too.

 Chartreuse Alternanthera, Purple Heart, Periwinkles on the end of another bed anchored by 'Lilacina' Crape Myrtles. I added more white Lantana cuttings here and in other places.   

Moving to the Upper Garden by way of rough steps.

At the top of the steps a dry stacked brick wall has 
Begonias. Sentimental Stepping stone in the path. 

Just keeping the Upper Garden watered to keep plants alive 
is a chore. Here, Persian Shield and a seedling Camellia. 
When the weather is cooler I'll pull the Virginia Creeper 
and Crocosmia. Crocosmia got out of hand this year.

Scuppernong grapes are ripening across the field road from the Upper Garden.
Everything along the field road was watered yesterday when Peanut field was watered. An inch and four tenths of irrigation. 

Esperanza and friends were among the plants that got special water.

The dark green band beyond the big pecan tree is Peanuts, with corn beyond.
Corn is ready for harvest and Peanuts will soon be ready for pulling up some green to boil. They're harvested later, mature and dry. 

In the near view is rough meadow grass kept short during snake season.

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