Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coping with Winter

According to NOAA,
 Well below average temperatures will reach the Gulf Coast ... Tuesday and Wednesday.
I realize that readers in Canada and the Northeast and Midwest are not sympathetic to us when we complain about an expected low tonight of 23º and a high today of 'only' 46ºF but our blood is thin and we hardly expect to cope with cold for more than a day at a time.

Beverage Station: we used to just call this an electric teakettle and a coffee maker. Yesterday I announced that we were almost out of Cocoa Mix. He-Who-Mows laughed when I remembered that we have a whole canister of Cocoa powder, a gallon of milk and some sugar. I haven't forgotten how.

The low this morning was 31. When I looked outside, a half dozen Angel Trumpet blooms were still hanging. Tonight will finish them off.

I've only been outside to open the greenhouse doors when the temperature inside reached 87º despite a cold wind 'right from the North.' Heat builds in a hurry when the sun shines on an enclosed space. The cat was ecstatic to get get inside to loll on a warm bench.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

November Bloom Day not Unlike Last Year

In 2013 I wrote:
The expected freeze happened [the night before Bloom Day], just enough frost to blacken things like Brugmansias, Daturas and Periwinkles in open ground. I pulled many things like Melampodium in anticipation so I wouldn't have to see dead plants..

Hearty Camellia sasanqua is not affected that much, still heavy with white blossoms. Freezing temperatures were for a short time and only one night, so we bravely soldier on.
 Last night's freeze was about an hour of cold just enough to make tender leaves twist and blacken. Some protected areas still boast blooms.

Brugmansias on the south side of the house still have blooms. Those on the other side of the driveway have dropped all color.

White Shrimp

Salvia leucantha under pines frames a dry Hydrangea bloom.

Scattered rose blooms persist.

Gulf Muhly is not as spectacular as it was a week ago. Lantana montevidensis will persist until a really hard freeze. Melampodium was protected by the Duranta above it, also still blooming,  Melampodium in the open ground is blackened. 

Duranta persists

White Camellia Sasanqua

Camellias, our winter standby. C. sasanqua starts the season.

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