Saturday, March 28, 2015

Upper Garden Comes into Its Own

It's that time of year. Much to be done. A cool, drying wind today discouraged planting out anything.

This brave Azalea has had a hard struggle:
The Lawn mower ran over it when it was just starting.
A tree limb was dropped on it last summer. 

Pink Ruffles and Pink Pearl, my fav Azaleas.

Calycanthus -- Sweet Shrub

Planted next to Tea Olive, it's like walking past fruit salad.
Incredible blend of fragrances, unintentional.

Sweet Alyssum planted in a rusty well bucket dropped 
seeds on all around it: 
Pot with a red Crape Myrtle cutting, in with daylily seedlings. 
White Lantana at right seems to have escaped hitchhikers. 

Gerbera Daisies look to me as if they need smiley faces.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Butterflies Are Back!

I've been seeing them for days but never with a camera in hand to document them.


The one above could not wait for Pentas to get planted out. He's visiting plants taken out of the greenhouse to harden.

I haven't as many Pentas kept over as cuttings this year, only 4 of these that Susie calls Miss Julie's Favorite and a single pale pink one. I pulled mulch back from white Pentas in the Yellow Rose Bed this morning and see green shoots forming from the roots. I have 7 rooted Porterweeds to plant.

Dark Swallowtails have been visiting Blueberry bushes, helping bees with pollination. They're plentiful on Azaleas today.

This Tiger is fuzzy; I caught him as he flew away.

Another caught leaving. At least I've noted they are here.


While I was trying to get butterfly pics, a Cardinal was perched watching the butterflies. We are already seeing them with those long tails pinched off where they barely escaped. 

We'll see butterflies while Azaleas bloom, then they usually disappear until late April or early May when more broods hatch as another wave of flowers open. 

Are you seeing pollinators?

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